Karri-borlbme Kun-wok

baleh yihbabang?

baleh yihbabang?

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English Translation
where does it hurt?
(Bale ka-yime karri-ngeybun?)

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Be careful to pronounce the two glottal stops represented by the letter 'h' in each of the two words.


Baleh is an interrogative, a question word. It usually means 'where' but can also mean 'what' in some contexts. yihbabang is made up of yi- which means 'you (singular)' and the -h- emphasises that it's happening now and the -babang verb means 'to feel pain, to ache'.


(Bale kabirri-yime?)

You can insert a body part between the first part (the pronoun prefix, yi-) and the verb -babang like this:

yiberlbabang 'your arm is sore'
yidengebabang 'your foot is sore'
ngakodjbabang 'I have a headache (I-head-is aching)
yinjambabang 'you have stomach cramps' (you-intestines-aching)

20 Nov 2016