Karri-borlbme Kun-wok

nga-rerrkan (W), nga-yerrgan (Gdj)

nga-rerrkan (W), nga-yerrgan (Gdj)

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English Translation
I sit down
(Bale ka-yime karri-ngeybun?)

ŋayɛrgan OR ŋaɹɛrgan

The sound file has the r version.


In Kuninjku and Kune spoken at Maningrida the y > r version is common.
There are two r sounds in this Kuninjku version of the word, the first is as in English 'red' and the second is the tapped sound written 'rr' in Bininj Gunwok alphabets.


nga- means 'I' (first person singular pronoun prefix)
-yerrkan / -rerrkan 'to sit'


This is a verb that belongs to the class of those that end in -kan / -gan and so it has these forms:

(either -yerrkan or -rerrkan)

nga-yerrkan 'I am sitting/staying'
nga-yerrkang 'I sat/stayed'.
nga-yerrkani 'I was sitting, I was staying'
yerrkayi 'she/he should have sat down/stayed'
minj yerrkayi 'she/he didn't sit down/stay'
yi-yerrka! Sit down! (command)

(Bale kabirri-yime?)

In Kunwinjku:

Ma, yi-yerrka!
OK, sit down!

Bonj yerrkang, minj kam-re.
No, (s)he'll stay, (s)he's not coming.

20 Jul 2014